Welcome to Ten: The Next Cycle Book Challenge!

This is the tenth annual book challenge. Below are the symbolisms and meanings with respect to the number ten:

  1. Ten is the end of one cycle and the start of the next cycle.
  2. Ten represents, wholeness, totality, perfection, strength, harmony, peace, balance and unity. It’s the fullness of your potential in life.
  3. It carries a sense of completion and closure, urging you to trust that everything will work out exactly as it should.
  4. Ten is a powerful symbol of hope and guidance.
  5. Ten is the perfect number for Personal Development and creating your own reality.
  6. Ten offers the support you need to succeed.
  7. Ten is nudging you towards independence and a fresh start.
  8. The number one represents leadership and ambition. It’s telling you to be bold, to blaze your own trail.
  9. The number zero represents endless possibilities and no limitations on your journey through life.
  10. Combining the two: creates a powerful energy that encourages you to step into your power and follow your dreams. It also means using your faith to lead you to great success without relying on external forces. Ten tells you that nothing is impossible when you believe strongly in yourself. Ten ask you to trust yourself and take risks.

The New Cycle Book Challenge:

Real Leadership is based upon The 74 Principles of Real Leadership and The Theory of Daily Personal Accountability. As a result, by participating in this book challenge we will take the following actions:

Read 50 Books, one per week for one year (This year fiction books are included). Select a cycle that you will end or begin each week. Take one-week break during Week 26 and Week 52.

My Commitment: First, I will announce the book each week using my social media platforms. Next, I will provide a weekly video book review on the Turn Around Doctor YouTube Channel. This review will include the cycle that I’ve chosen to end or begin.

Your Commitment: Select a book that you will be reading announce it on your social media platforms and @DrDronna in your postings. To access my social media usernames, CLICK HERE. Select a cycle that you will end or begin. Finally, each week you will provide a review of your book and a summary of your cycle choice on your social media platform. You also have the option to create a video book review and publish it on your YouTube Channel or do a live stream book review.

IN CLOSING THIS YEAR’S MANTRA IS: The Tenacity of Ten, Let the Next Cycle Begin!

*Note Dates for Ten are Nov 13, 2023 – Nov 11, 2024.