30-Daily Challenge

The 30-Daily Challenge is a 30 Consecutive Day Challenge.

One of the Principles of Real Leadership is: Communicate Effectively. This Challenge was developed to improve your ability to communicate using a method that is simple and fun.

How it Works:

1. Watch one “Daily” video.

2. Research the answer.

3. Share what you learned with one or more persons.

4. Send daily confirmation of completion of Steps 1-3.

The Benefits:

1. Learn how to research a topic.

2. Learn how to share information.

3. Learn how to communicate effectively.

Here’s how sign-up:

1. Send an email to: turnaround@theturnarounddoctor.com

2. Subject Line: 30-Daily Challenge

3. Email Body:

● Full Name.

● Confirm that you are 18 years or older.

● Provide a brief summary of, “Why” you want to take the challenge.

● Say “Yes” to the Challenge.

Challenge Fee: $30

*Must be 18-years or older to accept the Challenge.