Q1: How do I apply?

A1: To Apply Click Here.

Q2: Do I get to select what I will be doing daily?

A2: Your program is customized and will be executed in 30-Day increments.

Q3: If I apply for RL-365 will I automatically be accepted?

A3: If you are ready to commit to 365 days you will be accepted as a client.

Q4: Can I complete RL365 with a group of my friends.

A4: No, RL365 is based upon Personal Accountability it is completed individually.

RL Advance

(RL Advance is only available to those who have completed RL365)

Q1: If I apply to RL Advance will I be accepted?

A1: Your acceptance to RL Advance is based upon your performance in RL365. 

Q2: How do I apply?

A2: To Apply CLICK HERE.

Q3: How long is RL Advance?

A3: 365 Days. 

Q4: Do I get to select what I will be doing daily?

A4:  You select what you’d like to advance in and your program will be customized in 30-Day increments. 

Q5: Can I change my “Advance” every 30 days?

A5: Yes you will work on 1- 12 different Advances within the RL Advance Year.