Q1. How do I apply?

A1. To Apply Click Here.

Q2. Do I get to select what I will be doing daily?

A2. Your program is customized and will be executed in 30-Day increments.

Q3. If I apply for RL-365 will I automatically be accepted?

A3. If you are ready to commit to 365 days you will be accepted as a client.

Q4. Can I complete RL365 with a group of my friends.

A4. No, RL365 is based upon Personal Accountability it is completed individually.

Client Selection

Q1. How do I become a Client?

A1. There is a multi-step client selection process.

Q2. Once selected as a client, are there limits to the number of Live-Sessions a client can have?

A2.  Selected clients can have no more than one Live Session in a 30-day time-frame due to the “lock-out” policy.

Q3. What is the “lock out” policy?

A3. Dr. Donna conducts a select number of Live Sessions per-month. Once the maximum number has been reached clients are placed on the “waitlist,” until there is an opening.

Q4. Can I be terminated as a client?

A4. Yes, after being selected as a client you’ll be provided with the client termination guidelines.

Q5. What happens if I apply and do not qualify as a client?

A5. If you are not accepted as a client you will be given one re-apply opportunity.

To review and access the Client Selection Process CLICK HERE.