Welcome to Six:  The Balance Book Challenge

This is the sixth annual book challenge, below are the symbolisms and meanings with respect to the number six:

  1. Six is regarded as a perfect number as it is the sum of its divisors.
  2. As a perfect number six is associated with harmony and balance. The number six is all about responsibility, security and living a harmonious life within the home.
  3. The most important influence of six is, it’s loving and caring nature. Properly nicknamed the “Motherhood” number. It’s about sacrificing caring, healing, protecting and teaching others.
  4. Six is the symbol of Selflessness, Empathy, Stability, Problem Solving, Longevity, and Positive Things.
  5. Six brings balance and harmony into your life.
  6. Six will motivate you to take control of your life, by owning it and making the necessary changes, to keep it in harmony and balance, which will ultimately benefit others.

The Balance Book Challenge:

Real Leadership is based upon the principle of Personal Accountability. As a result, by participating in this book challenge, we will take the following weekly actions:

Read 50 Non-Fiction Books one per week for one year. Taking a one-week break during week 26 and week 52.

My Commitment: First, I will announce the book each week using my social media platforms. Next, I will provide a weekly video book review and analysis and via my You-Tube Channel. This review will include what action I took to establish balance and harmony in my week, and if I needed to make changes to take those actions.

Your Commitment: Select a book that you will be reading, announce it on your social media platforms and @ Dr. Donna in your posting. To access my social media user names, CLICK HERE. Finally, each week you will provide a review of your book and what action you took to create balance and harmony in your week as well as any changes that you made. You have the option to create a video book review to publish on your you-tube channel or do a live stream book review.


“The Power of Six, Where Balance and Harmony Mix!”

*Note the Dates for Six are: Nov 18, 2019 – Nov 10, 2020.