Mo’ 50

The average person only reads one non-fiction book per year. I am super excited to be entering our third year of book challenges. Our goal is always to set and exceed high standards. It starts with what you feed your mind. If you want better results you gotta start with the right ingredients. This year will be reading 50 books and watching 50 motivational videos on You-tube.

How it works:

Each week you’ll need to read one book and watch one motivational video on You-Tube. You can select a book and motivational video of your choice, or you can my suggested list.

As your Leader for Mo’ 50, I will provide a weekly review that will be featured on, “Turn Around Doctor” You-tube Channel.

Trust me I get it. Fifty books is a lofty goal, so you do have the ability to set a number that challenges you, but doesn’t discourage you (just make sure you stick to it).

This year’s Mantra:

“The more you know, the more you grow!” #Mo50

Get Started:

Send an email to:

Subject line: Mo’ 50

Email body: Include the number of books you’ll be reading, the number of video’s you’ll be watching and if your going to select you’re own or use my list.

A staff member will contact you to complete the process.