Welcome to Five: The Fearless Book Challenge

This is the fifth annual book challenge so, I thought it would be great to recognize the symbolisms and meanings with respect to the number five.

  1. Five provides a sense of personal freedom and personal expression.
  2. Five has the most dynamic energy of all of the single digit numbers.
  3. Five is unpredictable and always in motion.
  4. Five is extremely independent in mind and soul.
  5. Five is an adventurer and risk taker.

The Fearless Book Challenge: 

Read 50 books in one year, one book per week. Taking a one-week break during week 26 and additional one-week break during week 52.

My Turn:

My commitment to you is: First, to announce the book each week throughout my Social Media Platforms. Next, provide a weekly book review and analysis via my You-Tube Channel. Finally, I will be revealing the risks and the fears that I am attacking over the course of the year.

Your Turn:

You have the option to read the same books as myself, or you can develop your own list. Just know that once you commit there is no turning back!

If you’re ready to become fearless, send an email and let’s get started!

Send an email to:

Subject line: Strive for Five


  1. First and Last Name.
  2. How many books you’ll be reading.
  3. List one or more fears that you’ll be attacking.
  4. List 3-5 risks that you’ll be taking throughout the year.
  5. Yes, or no, if you’ll be documenting and posting your review on your You-Tube channel.
In closing, this year’s mantra is:

“The Strive for Five, Take Risks and Thrive”

Dr. Donna 

*Note: The Dates for Five are: Nov 12, 2018 – Nov 4, 2019