Welcome to Eight: The Discipline Book Challenge!

This is the eighth annual book challenge. Below are the symbolisms and meanings with respect to the number eight:

  1. The number eight is a source of power and strength.
  2. When you see the number eight expect abundance, self-confidence, balance and reward in your life.
  3. Eight represents spiritual enlightenment, mental balance, joy, happiness, and a strong mindset.
  4. Guardian Angels will give you strength, positive energy and will watch your back.
  5. Eight is also the symbol for heaven, entering a time of wealth and prosperity.
  6. Eight is the symbol of infinity.
  7. Eight has the meaning of hope, new horizons, and a bright future.
  8. Discipline and patience are required in order to harness the strength and power that number eight has to offer.

The Discipline Book Challenge:

Real Leadership is based upon the principle of Daily Personal Accountability to Become Your Best. As a result, by participating in this book challenge, we will take the following actions:

Read 50 Non-Fiction Books one per week for one year. Select a Weekly Discipline Challenge that will be taken daily. Take a one-week break during week 26 and week 52.

My Commitment: First, I will announce the book each week using my social media platforms. Next, I will provide a weekly video book review via my You-Tube Channel. This review will include my weekly discipline challenge.

Your Commitment: Select a book that you will be reading, announce it on your social media platforms and @ Dr. Donna in your posting. To access my social media user names, CLICK HERE. Select a weekly discipline challenge that you will take daily. Finally, each week you will provide a review of your book and the discipline challenge that you completed. You have the option to create a video book review to publish on your you-tube channel, or do a live stream book review.

IN CLOSING THIS YEAR’S MANTRA IS: The Power of Eight, Being Disciplined and Patient Will Make Your Life Great.

*Note Dates for Eight are Nov 22, 2021 – Nov 14, 2022