Welcome to Nine: The New Beginnings Book Challenge!

This is the ninth annual book challenge. Below are the symbolisms and meanings with respect to the number nine:

  1. The number nine is a symbol for New Beginnings.
  2. Nine builds self-confidence.
  3. Nine provides a positive outlook, motivates you to work hard, be determined and to keep moving forward.
  4. Nine gives you the energy to have faith in yourself, speak up for yourself, talk from your heart, and get in touch with your feelings.
  5. Nine also allows you to be brave enough to standup for what you believe in, speak your mind and triumph over obstacles.
  6. Nine represents a new age of knowledge and a new level of consciousness being opened up for you.
  7. Nine means it’s time to take charge of your destiny.
  8. Nine is a sign from your higher self, that there are many beneficial energies around you at all times.
  9. Nine’s presence is also an indication that, a higher power wants you to know NOW is the best time for you to take action on something specific.

The New Beginning Book Challenge:

Real Leadership is based upon the principle of Daily Personal Accountability to Become Your Best. As a result, by participating in this book challenge, we will take the following actions:

Read 50 Non-Fiction Books one per week for one year. Select a New Beginning (Something New that you’ve never done before) that will be completed during the week. Take a one-week break during Week 26 and Week 52.

My Commitment: First, I will announce the book each week using my social media platforms. Next, I will provide a weekly video book review on the Turn Around Doctor You-Tube Channel. This review will include my weekly New Beginning.

Your Commitment: Select a book that you will be reading, announce it on your social media platforms and @Dr. Donna in your posting. To access my social media user names, CLICK HERE. Select a New Beginning. Finally, each week you will provide a review of your book and a summary of the New Beginning that you completed. You have the option to create a video book review to publish on your you-tube channel or do a live stream book review.

IN CLOSING THIS YEAR’S MANTRA IS: The Power of Nine, New Beginnings Expand Your Mind!

*Note Dates for Nine are Nov 21, 2022 – Nov 13, 2023.